Dear everyone, 

As founder it means a lot to me that you want to get to know the people behind Rocq Mo'Billy.  I'm Amanda Kippers (1988) and I live in Alkmaar with my husband Ward, daughter Billy (2012) & son Mosey (2018), a black cat, a bunny rabbit and four perched chickens. 


Rocq Mo'Billy was born from my passion for creation and the inspiration I draw from my daughter Billy Rosanne since the moment I became a mother. The source began with my grandmother Lina, who put me behind the sewing machine at the age of nine, and a friend who was already making clothing when we were brand-new mothers. Additionally, Billy was the one who untangled everything and let my 'mana' flow. Later, I was blessed with a beautiful son, Mosey Day, and he too became my source of inspiration. 


Many items are inspired by my children and where their interests lie at any given moment. This mind is full of ideas because my children provide an abundance of them! I've always had a passion for items with a story whether they are objects, furniture, or clothing. A piece of fabric with a second chance - you'll see that too, because re-use is key! 


If you'd like an item from one of the previous collections, check out the 'Lookbook' section. Feel free to send me a message anytime because I may still be able to help you. 


I hope you find as much joy in this website as I do. Enjoy browsing and do come back often! 


With love, 



Rocq Mo'Billy Atelier Alkmaar

Since 2019, we've been on a mission to make everything more sustainable, driven by our love for nature.

We primarily use vintage and dead-stock fabrics, which give your item a truly unique character. When we do opt for new fabrics, we choose organic cotton, 100% linen, tencel (lyocell), viscose, wool, and bamboo.


Our colors and prints are sourced from nature, which means that sometimes the colors may vary slightly from the photo. Each item is unique - a one-of-a-kind creation! When we screen print, we use Bobbinhood.


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See you soon!

"Live by the Day, Love by the Moon"